Lord of beauty, thine the splendor,

Lord of beauty, thine the splendor,
shown in earth and sky and sea

God has blessed me with

God has blessed me with
Dave & Megan

Psalm 29:2

Psalm 29:2
Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name; worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness.
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Monday, August 11, 2014

The angels were all singing for my boy last night!

                                                   I will have to update this pic lol

Josiah has been so close to getting saved for the last 6 months. He has been very resistant to the Holy Spirit. He would even plug his ears and turn his head not to hear a story about a boy being naughty and needing to get saved!!! We would talk about it and he would be bold enough to say " I am safe"  He then would tell me that he would get saved when he was 10...not today, not tomorrow but that far away age of 10 :) so this past Wednesday night we were driving home from church and Josiah said "Mommy, can we have private time in your room when we get home?" of course I said yes! When we got home he crawled up on my bed and whispered in my ear... I want to get saved Sunday!! so I said to him you don't have to wait till Sunday we can do it right now! but he wanted to wait. Saturday he said " Mommy will you pray that I will get saved Sunday? and ask Mema to pray too!" So last night Josiah and Daddy went to the alter and prayed together! It is so exciting to have both my children accept Jesus. This morning when I was praying with Megan she whispered to me, don't forget to pray for Josiah to grow!!! I have great kids and I feel so blessed! God is good to me :)


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Fathers Day! Here are a few reason's I am thankful my kid's have Dave for a Father

 My kids have a spiritual Father-  He teaches them to pray about everything big & small, teaches them to have daily devotions by having them himself and also with his family. He goes to church for every service and serves in the church in many different ways. He witnesses at every estimate or job we go on. They also have a Father that works hard, helps other's and spends time doing things with them & for them!!
God is gracious & merciful to undeserving sinners!


What else would you want to do on Father's day between church? Put up the pool of course!!